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Carol Karuso Mysteries 

"This is a great mystery with excellent characters ."

"Carol Karuso is a terrific character." 

"The pace is fast, the characters complex."

--comments from readers
If you fancy thrilling mysteries, especially those that include a beautiful, redheaded detective with bad habits but endless determination, colorful characters, dark villains, and more than a dash of humor, murder and mayhem, you’ll love the Carol Karuso Mystery Trilogy. You'll also see what happens in Couper after the Matty Cruz Adventure series ends.

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Book 3

Carol & Matty are hunted while


for a woman who swindled an old man.

Book 2
Carol helps a teen
look for her 
who is also one of Carol's exes

Book I

Carol looks for a 

woman who

no one has seen in 20 years, 

Previously titled Fallen Angel.

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